Your first visit will last about 1.5 hours. The first visit includes an extensive health history consultation, pulse diagnosis, physical exam if required, and your first acupuncture treatment. Subsequent acupuncture treatments last 1 hour including consultation and treatment.

Before your appointment you will receive Personal Assessment Forms and Health History Forms via email. These must be completed before your visit in order to receive treatment on that day. I recommend arriving 10 minutes before your appointment time, this will allow us to optimize our time together.

I kindly ask for 48 hours notice for appointment cancellations.

How to prepare for your session

Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing to all appointments. It is recommended that you bring a pair of shorts to change into for treatment. Restrictive clothing such as sports bras and skinny/tight jeans are not recommended. Avoid caffeine immediately prior to treatments. A light meal is also recommended a couple of hours prior, as acupuncture on an empty stomach is not optimal for most people.

Please call or email if you would like to schedule and appointment or if you have questions about how Chinese medicine can help you.

Special Pricing and Payments During COVID-19

Due to the damage the Covid 19 pandemic has caused our collective and individual economies, I am offering a sliding scale with a recommended payment range for the duration of the pandemic. If you cannot afford this range, please reach out to me to work out a fee you can afford. Please note that I don't bill insurance as of now.

The normal rate for FIRST VISIT appointment is $150.
The sliding scale range for this visit is $80 - $150.

The normal rate for a RETURN VISIT is $90.
The sliding scale range for a RETURN visit is $60 - $90.

During Covid 19 it is optimal to pay electronically by either Paypal or Venmo using my email address: Payment is due upon receiving services and should be made directly upon completion of treatment. If you don't have access to these forms of payment, check and cash are acceptable. Currently physically running credit cards is not recommended, this is a measure to limit unnecessary points of contact.

Covid 19 Safety Practices for Your Protection and Mine

  1. A signed copy of the Covid 19 Informed Consent Form is required for each visit. This form asks you to confirm with your signature that you are not presenting with covid 19 symptoms at the time of your visit and that you have not exposed yourself to specific risks before your arrival.
  2. All visitors to the office must wear a mask at all times including myself.
  3. Your temperature will be checked upon arrival at each visit.
  4. You will be offered hand sanitizer and the use of the sink for handwashing before entering the office and after treatment.
  5. When you leave a sanitizing protocol is performed on all of the touch surfaces within the treatment room, waiting room and bathroom.
  6. The room is left empty for no less than 30 minutes between each visitor.
  7. In addition to the HPPA filter in the building's air conditioning unit, I am running an air purifier in the treatment room continually and opening the windows regularly to refresh the air in the treatment room.