The best way to describe my acupuncture treatment experience with Christine Rizzo is with this simple visualization: I am in a house that I built myself and I have only learned to look out the windows - Christine helps me notice the skylights! I can't say enough what a "treat" my treatment with Christine has been. I look forward to my sessions with her and always leave feeling more in my own body. Her healing presence and her true passion for connecting with people and helping them connect with themselves - is so pure and so real. I am truly blessed to have been led to her. I have found that if I open myself up to the power of acupuncture - I find answers that I didnt even know I was looking for. I am well (spiritually, emotionally and physically) in ways I didn't know I could be.

Thank you Christine for helping me along this part of my journey! I'm so glad that I was open to the experience and will be forever grateful!

~ Barbara Pecirep

A wonderful thing happened to me in September, 2006. I met a wonderful person named Christine Rizzo. I have had acupuncture treatments for 15+ years. Prior to seeing Christine, I had worked with 3 other acupuncturists, and decided to make a change. Meeting Chris was one of the best things I could have done for myself. I tell Chris "it was meant to be." She is a wonderful and caring person, easy to talk to and confide in. Chris is very attentive to my needs and makes me feel special by addressing my areas of concern and helping me find ways to deal with them in our sessions. I always feel better after my acupuncture treatment. Chris also put together an herb formula specifically for me and over the last several months I find myself feeling much better. I told Chris recently that "this was one of the best winters I have had in years, everyone around me at work was sick and I managed to stay well."

I feel blessed to know Chris and always look forward to our sessions together.

~ Barbara Feeney

Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture has truly changed my life. It has helped me identify behaviors which rob me of energy and begin new ones (yoga & meditation) that restore energy and allow an internal focus. The impact of this is no longer wanting to control my world but to live, be happy and dream once again!

Thank you Christine!

~ Janis Cole